Why Belgium?

Arguably the world’s premier beer-producing nation, Belgium boasts one hundred and twenty seven commercial breweries that make an astounding array of unique and highly regarded beers. From the standard pils of Jupiler to the complex and rare monastery brewed Trappist ales whose roots can be traced to the 12th and 13th centuries, Belgium truly is beer paradise. Regional diversity is the corner stone of Belgian brewing with certain styles of beer only being produced within the confines of small geographical regions; Lambic production within approximately a 15 km radius of Brussels, for example. Strong on taste and tradition, with a growing international influence on brewing, beer is to the Belgians as wine is to the French.

Consumers everywhere are demanding ever higher quality in food. They are finding it increasingly in Belgian cuisine. Belgian food is loosely related to French food in terms of preparation and appreciation of culinary skill. Regional specialties are defined by the quality of local ingredients, with Ostend on the coast producing remarkable seafood dishes to the fruit, beer and beef dishes of the Ardennes. Belgium is the only country in the world where McDonald’s regularly loses money. Belgians have created a thriving food culture which delivers wide variety and high quality both at home, in restaurants and cafes.

Beer + Food = Belgium
With this in mind, we serve the best Belgian beers with a Belgian inspired menu. Much of the food is cooked with beer and all our staff are prepared to pair you meal with the most appropriate beer.